How Can You Help?
Nebraskans can help their friends and neighbors suffering from kidney disease or waiting for a life-saving transplant by supporting the Nebraska Kidney Association. That support can take the form of participation in special events, volunteer work, a monetary gift or including the NKA in a planned giving program.
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Kidney Support Group
Kidney Support Group

These are the Faces of Kidney Disease

Meet people like you with lives affected by kidney disease
Jeffrey A.
Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
Gisel T.
IGA Nephropathy
Nephrotic Syndrome
Vickie T.
Lupus Nephritis

Patient Programs

We have services and programs to help you make the necessary adjustments to life on dialysis or as a transplant recipient.
Kidney Early Detection Screening
KEDS is a screening consisting of valuable tests for the early detection of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) risk factors. NKA offers this free service several times throughout the year.
Kidney Mentor Program
The NKA mentor program matches mentors with mentees one on one. Interested mentees are matched with a mentor who has experienced a similar situation with kidney disease.
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Support Groups
Talking to others who are also going through chronic kidney disease (CKD) or dialysis can be a much-needed opportunity to vent, share information, get advice and receive and provide support.

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